jeudi 17 mars 2011

Studio B.I.B.

Naviguant de blogs en tumblr en flickr tous les jours, quelle ne fut pas ma surprise de tomber là-dessus l'autre jour:
Tant de dévouement à la collecte d'un objet, et tant de beauté devant l'alignement magnifique de toutes ses trouvailles, je cliquais immédiatement pour en savoir plus. Et quelle ne fut pas ma seconde surprise en découvrant que tous ces marqueurs étaient dessinés!!!

Je me devais d'en savoir plus. Anglais approximatif pour les questions mais cela n'a pas empêché l'artiste de répondre!!! Pour les impatients(et ceux qui avaient mieux à faire qu'aller en cours d'anglais!) vous pouvez copier-coller dans un logiciel de traduction, sinon je la ferais prochainement.

Do you consider yourself a crazy person? I mean do you think about markers night and day like me or others do for spray paint cans?

Markers and marker collecting are an integrated part of my studio practice, but not an all-encompassing part of my life. I spend similar amounts of time sourcing inspiration and reference materials, or sketching and brainstorming.

Why black markers only?

Black seemed to be the right choice.

How everything started? Did you have a strong relation with markers like graffiti or comics, or it happened like that, day after day, marker after marker?

I always used black markers to draw on things. I needed a selection of markers to create different effects for various projects. I kept all the black markers separated from my other drawing supplies in a shoebox. After noticing I had a bit of a collection going, I removed the unique black markers from the first shoebox, put them in a second shoebox, and gradually started collecting more from there. Which required more shoeboxes, and eventually a trunk.

Do you have a preference for ink markers or paint markers?

I don't have a preference for ink vs paint, although I do have a preference for metal construction than plastic.

Do you ever find yourself smelling your marker like a cookie or a glass of wine?

Yes. I get high off my own supply.

How do you find them? Do you ruin your girlfriend's holidays spending hours looking for markers in every little shop?

Finding markers is just part of walking around and being aware of where to look. Art supply shops/stationary stores/dollar stores/convenience stores/friends studios/etc.

I don't think I ruin holidays with girlfriends by looking for markers. City exploration is compromise. Sometimes I have to look at kooky jewellery shops and I don't like it. But I do it.

How the poster happened?

I have been making DIY printed things to distribute amongst friends and family relating to black markers since I started the collection in 2002. At level 50, 100, and 250 markers I respectively made stationary, a mini-book, and a small format poster featuring illustrated marker layouts.

To celebrate the 500th marker, I wanted to create something large format to share with a larger group of people, so I made a poster.

Is there some gems you know about but that you haven't managed to get a hand on?

Quite a lot. A Vintage El Marko, and Niji metal jackets are at the top of my list.

Do you use every one of them? Or do you keep them brand new, in their blister pack?

I don't use every one of them, though I have tested all of them. Multiples get added to the rotating work stash, and if I find a model/brand that I find works particularly well, I get them in bulk.

No collector interview without a Top 5, so tell us which are your favorites, and why.

In no particular order.

Sakura SG-7

Metal jacket. Classic. I like the white/black/green colors, clean layout, and strength of the Sakura logo. The nib felts wear in nicely, the ink is good quality, lines apply smooth. They changed the label design,discontinued distribution in Canada, and started making them out of plastic, so it's nice to have an earlier version.

Sanford King Size

Vintage heavy duty metal jacket Sanford product. Sharp layout, nice concentric ring design detail, crisp fonts and wordmarks. Classic silhouette and cap design.

Markal Dura-Ink

Not yet uploaded.

Similar construction, silhouette and functionality as the Sanford King size. This is a new issue of a classic product, with the labeling and design cues still intact. The white/black/red/blue color story and banded striping details really look good against the shine of metal. Fonts and wordmarks all crisp.

Pantone by Letraset

I think this thing is from the 70's or 80's. It is sleek and shines like piano keys.

Magic Marker Military

A stubby glass barrel marker, with wrap around labelling. Nice basic vintage marker, consisting of a minimal amount of parts.

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  1. Classe. Pour Markal je confirme, grosse marque de qualité ici...notamment oilbars et cie.

  2. intéressant.
    une petite cargaison d'il y a quelques jours, essentiellement Pentel >


  3. Les Uni-Paint blanc, une valeur sûre. Du bon tout ça.


    une perle anglaise